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Monday, 4 April 2011

Will honking my horn work

Am just about to settle down for the night, am a bit upset as HI hasn't been to finish fitting my sump back on, I'm getting a draft down there if you know what I mean :o(

He did repair my diff yesterday with, would you believe it a can from tonic water !!!
he had to cut them out and pack them in (shimming) is the technical word... I'd have preferred to have coke or fanta, but slimline had to do :o(

I'm getting cold now and they haven't put my external screen/window covers on.... think i'll get damp spots inside, serve them right too it would !!!
My tyres still aren't on and I'm resting on pieces of tree trunk, can feel them creaking beneath me, least the weather forecast is great for next week, I'll be able to heat up nicely and flex my body

If I honk my horn do you think they'll come and put my protectors on and make sure i'm nice and warm.

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