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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Val de Loire

We arrived at parc_du_val_de_loire at about 7.15pm, It had been a pleasant drive, not too tiring for me and HI was pleased with the general improvement in my performance... Did comment to HERI about me making a funny noise when in 2nd gear, think he might look out for a newer gearbox for me, that'll be exciting.
The kids had been well behaved but it was sooooo hot that even late at night it was 20C, HERI went into the reception and found our pitch.
 She left HI to get me levelled and comfortable while her and the kids went swimming, the nice owners left the pool open a bit later than usual and they were the first swimmers of the season.  I was plugged in to the leccy and had my awning out and HI was enjoying a drink when they all came back....
HERI was very pleased with my fly screen, said it was lot more private and even made me a bit warmer.
All enjoyed a picnic tea of baguettes and crisps with cake for dessert. Then they left me to have a rest while they went to the play area and bounced on the bouncy castles.  My outside LED light worked a treat and they found their way home ok.
HERI seemed to have finished off a bottle of Kriter and was quite merry by the time she got to bed, the kids went straight to sleep and HERI fell asleep watching good wife....
Morning came, Jacques went on his bike to get the baguette, he had to do 3 journeys the poor love, HERI really needs to make a baguette bag for him, his rucksack is just too short to fit in a full Pain, he was very proud of himself and posed for pictures, don't think he's got much road sense though, hope another van doesn't run him over....

 Lovely sunny and hot day so it was decided they'd go swimming and play table tennis, leaving me to have a sleep in the sun, to be honest with you it was nice to have a bit of piece and quiet, I'm not really used to being woken up so early and they were jumping around getting their swimming costumes on.

Doesn't the pool look lovely, after swimming all morning, they'd worked up a hunger, so out came the cadac and aperitifs.... I burn't my table abit because they forgot to put the cadac legs up ;o( but they should remember for next time.  BBQ with Jacques's pain and salad.

More trips to the play area, bar and HERI went for a swim with Jacques late in the evening while Amelia had a nap, she'd been a bit grotty with a cold and was exhausted poor love.

 As it was the last night, I was all packed up, tidied up and awning put away, just left plugged in while they went out for their last night of play was very dark and the kids were too much excited about being allowed out so late in the evening.

Here's a picture of Jacques on the Sunday morning at 8.30am,

and one of Amelia just waking up....

HI had popped to the loo and bought croissants for breakfast, have you seen the mess they make on a floor, Crumbs everywhere, not what I like, they swept me out though before we left so that was great and rubbish was emptied and recycling done.

We were back on the road by about 9.15 and just as well because the weather had taken a turn and it looked a bit miserable and damp.

Arrived home after a brief stop to empty my waste tanks at about 12.30 so I was unpacked, cleaned out again and ready for a long rest by lunchtime :o)

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