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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Cruising to Celon

Yesterday I got all excited when I had visitors (Her indoors mum and dad) but it was only to see what my new LED lights were like :o( 
I kept thinking they weren't going to ever take me out, then HI started me up, I puffed a little tiny bit but then I was cold and haven't been run since my bits were replaced, can't blame me. Then he drove me around the block, it felt good to have a good stretch, seem to be going a bit quicker too and my wobbles are much better, just a little bit on my wheel when I'm clocking up to 60. He took me home and parked me up

THEN.... excitement of excitement, the kids got in and put their seatbelts on... what did it mean, we were going out. I had my cupboards checked and they wrote on a list that I have to have one of my catches replaced.  Then the gates opened and HerI came with a bag of sarnies, crisps and coke. I was told we were going for an evening drive and picnic to test me out. On best behaviour I cruised to Celon, it's about 15kms and the national road. I really enjoyed the drive, they all seemed really happy and we stopped in a parking area beside a football pitch. There is an aire there but we didn't need it because I didn't need filling up with water or electricity

HerI got the sarnies out and the kids played outside while the adults were inside, writing lists and eating. Was a beautiful little spot and we watched the sunset. HerI drove me home and was surprised at how smooth I drove, what did she expect most of my steering has been replaced.  HI realised we'd lost one of my new wheel trims so I'm upset about that, perhaps they can go look for it tomorrow.

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